Moris Beracha

Moris Beracha

Title: Business Development Chairman
Company: Celistics Holdings
Location: Madrid, Spain

Moris Beracha, Business Development Director at Celistics Holdings, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in intelligent logistics solutions.

An expert in the telecommunications and banking industries, Mr. Beracha has accrued more than 30 years of professional excellence in his areas of expertise. The director of business development for Celistics Holdings, he specializes in investment banking, private equity, and financial success. Celistics Holdings is a leading provider of distribution and intelligent logistics solutions for the consumer technology industry in Latin America. Alongside his role with Celistics Holdings, Mr. Beracha has been A Director of Miriq/Connect/soloqi since 2016, SKY Devices USA since 2015, Movilway S.A. since 2008, Sure Destiny S.A. since 2008, Bestinvest Casa de Bolsa, C.A. since 1997, Inversiones Planina, C.A. since 1987, Immobiliaria Yacambu, C.A. since 1987, and Corporacion Aca New since 1987.

Prior to these engagements, Mr. Beracha held roles with Brown Montgomery Ltd., Banco Caracas, Corporación Leibe, Westfalia Investment, Inc., Cartonera del Caribe, C.A., Naragansa de Venezuela, C.A., and ACCO Brands Manufacturing. He has also acted as a management portfolio-financing advisor for various financial and industrial corporations,

Earning a master’s degree from the Metropolitan University at Caracas Venezuela in 1983, Mr. Beracha is a member of several industry-related organizations, including Cámara Venezolano Americana de Comercio e Industria, Asociación Venezolana de Ejecutivos, Instituto Venezolano Ejecutivos de Finanzas, and the Latin America Advisory Board.

Attributing his success to hard work, perseverance, strategy, and discipline, as well as to his father who taught Mr. Beracha about discipline, morals, and ethics, Mr. Beracha prides himself on remaining successful throughout the financial crisis that occurred beginning in 2008 and 2009. His company now spans across 15 different countries. The proud father of four children, Mr. Beracha looks toward the future, aspiring to expand his businesses, and continue climbing the ranks of success.

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