Robert Reed Boren, PhD

Robert Boren

Title: 1) Board President 2) Professor Emeritus
Company: 1) Salmon River Electric Cooperative 2) Boise State University
Location: Clayton, Idaho, United States

Robert Reed Boren, Board President at the Salmon River Electric Cooperative and Professor Emeritus at Boise State University, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in business, communications, and education.

Thinking about what kind of life he wanted instead of what he wanted to be, Dr. Boren decided to pursue teaching and communications. He started as an instructor at Purdue University, advancing to positions such as assistant professor at Brigham Young University, associate professor at the University of Montana, Missoula, and professor and chair of Boise State University. Dr. Boren is very pleased with the work he did in creating and developing the communication program at Boise State University; he started at a time when the institution was just beginning to grow, and thus had the opportunity to guide it and watch it flourish. During his tenure there, he focused his teachings on interpersonal communication, small group decision making, and team development, and consulted in those areas as the president of Insight Consultant as well. After 47 years in academia, Dr. Boren chose to retire. He earned the distinguished title of emeritus professor at Boise State University in 1999, and maintains it to this day.

Once in retirement, Dr. Boren moved to his home on the Salmon River in Idaho, as he had always planned. When he got there, he found that he lived on a consumer-owned utility electric cooperative, the Salmon River Electric Cooperative, and he became involved in its governance as a board member and board president. He didn’t know anything about the field, but he continued to learn and it has since become the biggest part of his life. Dr. Boren is proud to be providing electricity to rural areas where, in the past, investors were not willing to travel. The general change came along due to his efforts.

Throughout his career, Dr. Boren has shared his knowledge through numerous publications. He authored “Mountain Wildflowers of Idaho” in 1989, “Effective Business Communication” in 1986, “Effective Business Writing” and “Effective Communication” in 1985, and “Facilitator’s Guide for Public Meetings” in 1981. Additionally, he published “Wildflowers of the Sawtooth Mountains” in 1979, “Conducting the Council’s Business” in 1976, “The Human Transaction” in 1975, and “Communication Behavior” and “Communication Experiments” in 1975.

Dr. Boren prepared for his endeavors by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in 1958 and a Master of Arts in 1964 from Brigham Young University, and a PhD from Purdue University in 1965. Active in his professional community, he has been involved with a variety of industry organizations. He has been president of the National Cooperative Services Corporation and member of the National Communications Association, Phi Kappa Delta International, and the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association. He also acts as the vice president of the Challis Health Center, and the president and member of the board of directors of the North Custer Hospital District. Previously, Dr. Boren served as the president and vice president of the Western States Communications Association and the Western Forensics Association, as the vice president of the board of directors of the Snake River Power Association, and board member of the National Cooperative Services Corporation. In recognition of his efforts, he won the Distinguished Service Award from the Western States Communications Association in 1998.

In his spare time, Dr. Boren enjoys hiking, rafting, fishing, and hunting.

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