James F. Marten, PhD

James Marten

Title: Venture Capitalist
Location: Hingham, Massachusetts, United States

James F. Marten, PhD, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in research and chemistry.

Not many people can say that within three years of immigrating to the United States that they acquired enough risk capital to impact the scientific field in a big way; however, Dr. Marten can. Highly regarded for his sharp intuition, his venture capital expertise and his focus on clinical laboratory research, he has met with tremendous success for the last five decades. His notable achievements include investing in Ultracision Inc. in Rhode Island. The company developed a scapula that cut without bleeding, from a knife with the ability to cut a bulletproof vest and powered by ultrasonic energy. The innovative new tool was then developed down to a smaller version, which was used in endoscopic surgery. Eventually, the technology was bought by Johnson & Johnson, which developed it into a major instrument. In recognition of his professional excellence, Dr. Marten was the recipient of a Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Marten holds a PhD in biomolecular structure from Leeds University in England, which he achieved in 1957. From there, he quickly established himself as a leader in his field. The most noteworthy roles in his career include chairman and director of Microspring Inc., director of Navion Biomedical, director of Hood Laboratories, chairman and chief executive officer of Ultracision, vice chairman of MedChem, and chief executive officer of Applied Immune Science, Inc. Dr. Marten has impacted his industry as the former vice president, former treasurer, and former board of directors member of the American Federation for the University of Leeds. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Outside of his professional work, Dr. Marten is an artist. While in New York City one night, he caught a late shuttle service and noticed that everyone on the bus was at least 25 years younger than him. He was startled by what he saw, but it got buried in his consciousness, inspiring a new hobby and passion for Dr. Marten to pursue. He taught himself how to draw and found that he was great at this new endeavor. He established a studio, Rockland Art Museum, that expanded quickly and exponentially. Today, the studio exhibits more than 100 artists. His own artwork has earned him numerous accolades, including a prize for the Blue Ribbon Exhibit at the South Shore Art Center. As he looks to the future, Dr. Marten intends to continue in his artwork while pursuing new passion projects that come his way.

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