Alfred Willstatter

Title: Army Officer (Retired)
Location:  Ashland, Oregon, United States

Alfred Willstatter, Retired U.S. Army Official, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in military administration and service.

Over the course of his career and his lifetime, Mr. Willstatter has met with success by facing challenges head-on with professionalism, tenacity and perseverance. He learned the importance of having these characteristics from an early age. In 1938, when he was 12 years old, he was driven out of Germany due to his non-Aryan background. The experience matured him in a very short time as he was separated from his parents while they escaped the country by way of Italy. This early childhood experience put Mr. Willstatter on track for a career serving the U.S. military to right the wrongs of menaces to society, particularly Adolf Hitler. Right out of high school, Mr. Willstatter enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he committed his career for 35 years. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant and advanced through grades to lieutenant colonel by his retirement from the service in 1979. Having been born in Germany, he was extremely valuable for intelligence during the Second World War, as Mr. Willstatter was able to connect with the population there through his linguistic capabilities. In recognition of his professional excellence, he was guest of honor at a celebration hosted by Franz Weislau, a former mayor, in remembrance for the Second World War.

In his retirement, Mr. Willstatter has committed himself to civil service. Over the last three decades, he has held roles in his community including council member of Ashland, chairman and board of directors member for the Rogue Valley Transit District, original chairman and volunteer probation officer for Project Misdemeanant, arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau and member of the Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Board. He was also involved with the National Counter Intelligence Corps Association and the Special District of Oregon Association, for which he was on the budget committee in 1993. As he looks ahead to the future, Mr. Willstatter intends to continue enjoying his well-deserved retirement while taking on passion projects that interest him in the years to come.

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