Dr. Sang Keun Lee

Sang Keun Lee

Title: President
Company: Samyoung Logistics Co., Ltd.
Location: Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Dr. Sang Keun Lee, President of Samyoung Logistics Co., Ltd., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in logistics and distribution.

An accomplished leader in the logistics industry in the Republic of Korea, Dr. Lee is at the forefront of establishing the country as the best logistics provider in the world. His expertise is evidenced by more than 130 logistics consulting records over the last decade alone, with his experience dating back to 1981 when the industry didn’t exist. In fact, at the start of his career, there was not yet a word in Korean that translated to “logistics.” Dr. Lee’s noteworthy achievements have included introducing door-to-door delivery tactics to Korea, as well as contributing to the establishment and dissemination of joint logistics business models. He created a model that has been able to cut transportation costs, as well as improve overall service levels for deliveries.

Dr. Lee’s work has impacted multiple industries including cosmetics, home shopping, electronics, appliances, beverage, food, and jewelry. Today, Dr. Lee is focused on changing logistics for the future. His current projects include building a logistics platform for online commerce in Korea, as well as building a standardized 3PL model in the electrical, electronic and installation industries. He is also the vice chairman of five associations on logistics, for which he is leading the exchange of industry, academia and research to create an improved cycle structure that applies academic research achievements to the field and produces higher quality research through feedback.

Dr. Lee’s experience and expertise is supported by his education, which includes a Doctor of Industrial Engineering from Incheon National University, a logistics consultant certificate from the Korea Management Association, a management consultant certificate from Hayang University Graduate School of Business, an outside director certification from the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a venture consultant certification from the Management Consultant Association, a management strategy consultant certificate from Sungkyunkwan University Business School and a legal administrator certificate from the Korean M&A Association. In recognition of his professional excellence in his career, he has earned more than two dozen industry awards.

In the last decade, Dr. Lee has been the recipient of a Korean Logistics Award from the Korean Logistics Association, an Award on Logistics Win-Win Cooperation from the Integrated Logistics Association, a Korea Distribution Award and Special Prize from the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, an Award for Excellent Labor-Management Culture from the Ministry of Employment and Labor, an Award for Workplace Innovation from the Ministry of Employment and Labor, an Achievement Award for Superior Regulatory Reform Commission from the Minister of Land and Transport, a Korea Logistics Award from the Korea Government, a National Productivity Award from the Korea Productivity Center and a Commerce and Industry Award from the Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry. As he looks toward the future, Dr. Lee intends to continue in his work at the forefront of the logistics industry in Korea.

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