Samuel Franklin Etris

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Title: Trade Association Research Consultant
Location:  Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States

Samuel Franklin Etris, Trade Association Research Consultant, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in trade association research.

At the core of Mr. Etris’ professional interests and his integrity as a consultant is his passion for gathering information and hard data to support and prove theses for research publications. Within his industry, he is an award winner and a top sought-after individual for his work. He is regarded for his ability to not only search for real facts for projects and actions, but for his commitment to digging deeper and taking nonconventional approaches to garner a unique perspective on the topic at hand. Now retired, Mr. Etris was successful in his career for more than 35 years. He first established himself professionally with Foote Mineral Research Laboratories in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1947. From there, he joined the military and served to the first lieutenant of the U.S. Air Force in China for two years. He continued to serve in the military until 1957. Upon returning to civilian life, Mr. Etris held noteworthy roles including editor of the American Society for Testing and Materials, special assistant to the managing for national affairs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and consultant for the TL Silver Institute. Additionally, he was a senior consultant for Klein of Sake, Inc. and the Washington Managers Silver and Gold Institute, as well as a member of the numerical advisory board for the National Research Council.

Mr. Etris holds a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University, which he earned in 1947. He is also a graduate of Rutgers University, where he achieved a Master of Science in 1951. Over the years, he has maintained his standing as a leader in his field by contributing articles and editorials to professional publications. His noteworthy pieces of writing include “Standardization News” published by ASTM and “Pennsylvania Railroad Test Department, 1874-1968” published by the Philadelphia chapter of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society. In recognition of his professional excellence, he was the recipient of a Scoutmaster’s Key Award. Looking ahead, Mr. Etris intends to enjoy his retirement while advising on select projects in his industry.

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