Richard Hoyt Lee

richard hoyt lee

Title: Microscopist; Retired Analyst

Location: Lemont,  Illinois, United States

Richard Hoyt Lee, Microscopist and Retired Analyst, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of metallurgy.

Mr. Lee’s career started in college when he was studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering to earn an Associate of Applied Science in 1961. He was recruited by the Argonne National Laboratory for a big project. Along the way, he captured some wonderful color photographs of the materials in various conditions and started taking pictures through a microscope. In 1978, Mr. Lee began entering the photographs in contests and winning prizes. In 1990, his image won first place at the Nikon Contest and every year he would attend conferences related to his work and would, as a result, become well known for his presentations.

Mr. Lee’s creative works include a Scientific Art Exhibit at the Chicago Academy of Science, the showcase, “Lemont Then and Now Number 2,” and a number of historical stories he has written for the Lemont Historical Society, for which he currently serves as an archivist for old photos. He began his career as a microscopist at the Argonne National Laboratory from 1962 to 2002, before progressing to the post of an analyst of micro-analysis for BP Research. Mr. Lee is currently the owner of S.P.A.M. (Scientific, Photography, Analysis, and Metallurgy) and remains affiliated with the State Microscopical Society, the Lemont Area Historical Society, and ASM International, from which he was awarded first prize in the black and white photography division.

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