Mario R. Perez

Title: President
Company: Air Solution Mechanical Services LLC
Location: Springfield, Virginia, United States

Mario Perez, President of the Air Solution Mechanical Services LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in market adaptation, new technology and client communication.

Mr. Perez’s career follows the American Dream narrative he sought out after immigrating to the United States from Honduras to pursue an education. While studying electrical engineering at the University of Maryland, he worked several jobs to alleviate tuition costs, and in this supplementary work found a successful business that he enjoyed. He continued to receive all necessary certifications in this field and garnered additional experience after graduating from the University of Maryland in 2007. He has served as the president of Air Solution Mechanical Services since 2017. Furthermore, he is the CEO of Grupo De Inversiones Perez and has held this position since 2010.

Mr. Perez’s previous experience in HVAC management stems from working with such companies at Titan Mechanical, Brothers Mechanical Incorporated, MVP Premier Construction and MOS Media. He has worked a variety of roles in these companies, including as a director of sales, senior project manager and senior project executive. Mr. Perez attributes his success to his drive and proper utilization of the opportunities presented to him. In addition, he believes he is successful due to understanding the most important thing is to put his client first over seeking financial gains. That is why his clients want him to work for them as they know he works tirelessly to protect the client. When it comes down to his clients, Mr. Perez believes going beyond what is written in a contract.

Mr. Perez’s plan is to continue growing the business and expand at least three times in the volume of sales that they currently generate. Although the expansion is very important to him, he also wants to make sure that the business is capable of still maintaining the careful and attentive service standards they currently have to offer. He maintains affiliation with the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and feels the value of having mentors there. In business, Mr. Perez always strives to outperform the goals from the previous year and views his metric of success as his client’s happiness. Mr. Perez is proud of his work thus far in his career. Looking toward the future, he endeavors to continue caring for each project, whether it is a small renovation or a multi-million dollar project.

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