DeVallo Francis Cassidy


Title: Film Manager, Writer, Consultant
Location: North Hollywood, California, United States

DeVallo Francis Cassidy, Film Manager, Writer, and Consultant, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the fields of writing and production.

Mr. Cassidy’s preliminary introduction into the professional world was the time he spent in the United States Air Force. From 1960 until 1964, he worked with combat intelligence by writing up escape plans for tactical crew members. When he left the military, he intended to pursue combat intelligence further. However, the pay was not what he needed at the time. He then decided to move to Chicago to pursue writing in a different facet. He later relocated again to Hollywood, California, where he stayed permanently. Through his military connections, he began working for a commercial production company. In that position, Mr. Cassidy unearthed a passion for production and writing that would carry him through the rest of his career.

Mr. Cassidy’s impressive resume is a direct result of his aptitude for his work. Each of his positions played an important role in his professional journey. From 1966 until 1979, he was the head division writer for McMaster Carr Supply Company. In 1979, he took on the role of production coordinator at 7-West in Hollywood, California. His success there brought him to Osmond Productions, where he was from 1980 until 1982. He later became a production manager for Coleman Group, Inc. and Rapport Films, Inc. His success culminated with his position as a producer at Stiles-Bishop Productions Inc., where he remained from 1982 until his retirement.

Outside of his primary roles, Mr. Cassidy is additionally a published author. His published work is a mixture of professional articles and combat-survival soft books. He remains active in his industry with memberships in the American Film Institute, the National Geographic Society, and the National Associates of the Smithsonian Institute. In 2019, Mr. Cassidy was honored with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his professional endeavors.

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