Bishop Dr. Rosetta L. Cox

Title: Minister

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Bishop Dr. Rosetta L. Cox, Minister, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in faith and religious services.

Bishop Cox grew up as one of 14 children and it was difficult for her to go to college due to the financial difficulties for her mother raising so many children. At age 19, she left home and worked three jobs to put herself through college. With immense drive and perseverance, she graduated from Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in education in 1969. After graduation, she saved money to travel to different countries and was eventually asked to go to the country of Liberia. During the time in Liberia, the nation’s civil war was at its peak. She was not aware of the war when she arrived but during her time there, she met child soldiers and witnessed their experiences, which further compelled her to follow her mission as a bishop. In her career, Bishop Cox has traveled to 47 countries as a missionary and international principal administrator.

Bishop Cox attributes her success to being a believer, further attesting that God has been there for her every step of the way. In addition, putting in hard work and having a listening ear to authority has always been a crux to her success. Her boss, the late Bishop John Gimenez always used to say that having a divine opportunity for life is what she would have, but she would have to be a risk-taker. He was a risk-taker and believed you never know what is inside of you until you take a chance. He taught her that sometimes we hold back because we are afraid, but his counsel to her when she was in Liberia was to fight one and conquer. She has utilized this mindset throughout her life, whether in the streets of Chicago or the Norfolk war zone. She believes you cannot have victories unless you go out into the battle and conquer.

Bishop Cox retired from her self-founded Cox Evangelistic Ministries in 2019. She had also longstanding worked with Global Humanitarian Outreach, Rock Ministerial Family, Rock Church Outreach International and Rock Church Academy. She served as the vice president of the Pastors Association when she worked in Liberia and is credited as a founder of the 1990 through 1994 Youth Olympics and director and founder of the Teen Talent Search. In her career, Bishop Cox produced the musical “Ecclesia” and has received such accolades as the Nettie Z. Blah Award, the Woman of the Year Award, an honorary doctorate from Missions & Evangelism, and the Breath of Life Deliverance Apostolic and Prophetic University Faith Foundation Global Humanitarian Award. Furthermore, she has maintained professional affiliation with the International Women in Leadership, the Rock Ministerial Family USA and the Bachelor Benedict Social Club.

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