Jorg Erxleben

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Title: Chief Executive Officer, President, Owner
Location: Brea, California, United States

Jorg Erxleben, Chief Executive Officer, President and Owner at JOTATECH LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in research and development.

When Mr. Erxleben graduated college, he was hired by Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, a dental material manufacturing company in Germany in 1989, as a group development leader. Then he worked his way up into the Research and Development department of VOCO GmbH as a section development leader in 1992, and from there he continued to grow. Mr. Erxleben worked as a quality manager in Brazil for TDV Dental Limited in 1998 and already made connections with other dental material producing companies. After new management of his company came in, they made him give up consulting for other companies. He was not fond of the idea and so he decided to begin his own company. In 1999, Mr. Erxleben became a research and development manager for VIPI Produtos Odontologicos and continues with the company to this day. He also runs Jotatech LLC, a company he started in 2019, as the chief executive officer.

To get to where he is today, Mr. Erxleben started out by earning a Bachelor of Science in chemistry at the Technical Commercial School of Hamburg in 1982. From there, he received a Master of Science in chemistry from the University of Hamburg in 1989. Aside from his career, Mr. Erxleben is on the editorial board of Full Science and Dentistry and is a consultant in the health and beauty industry. He has used his expertise to contribute articles to professional journals. Five years from now, Mr. Erxleben wants his employees to have grown. In addition, he likes when he can mentor freshman from college. He delights in encouraging them to take the next step and learn as much as they can. He also wishes to work towards a better world.

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