Vahan Setyan, MS, PhD

Title: President
Company: Dovin Advisors LLC; Palliation Collaborative, LLC
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States 

Vahan Setyan, President at Dovin Advisors LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in native and veteran health care.

Although he began his career in banking during his college years, Dr. Setyan found himself drawn to the healthcare industry after helping to manage a client’s healthcare facility. At 26, he became the youngest Program Director in a state-funded healthcare program for seniors in California, a position in which he served from 2006 to 2010. During the 2009 to 2010 school year, Dr. Setyan also served as a faculty member with the University of Riverside School of Management.

Over the years, Dr. Setyan gained valuable expertise in the healthcare management field, serving in various high-level positions in post-acute healthcare organizations across California and Arizona. As the President of Ironclad Healthcare Solutions Corporation, he became the first organization in U.S. and tribal history to implement hospice and palliative care services on tribal lands under a presidential mandate and became the first non-native in U.S. history to be an appointed tribal authorized agent and official, addressing healthcare and economic development initiatives within the Navajo Nation and Native Country. He also established the first native-woman owned and operated healthcare billing company. He is also Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Native, Founder of Palliation Collaborative, a chronic disease and terminal illness management collaborative, and Board Member of a tribal non-profit organization that raises suicide prevention awareness and healthcare reform.

An expert in his field, Dr. Setyan earned a Bachelor of Science in finance and economics from California State University, Los Angeles in 2012, continuing toward his graduate and post-graduate studies in industrial and organizational psychology. Immersed in healthcare management and with a plethora of knowledge at his disposal, Dr. Setyan contributed to articles such as “Industrial Hemp Production in the Navajo Nation,” “Letter to Humanity: Genocide and Ethnocide of the Native Americans” and “Saving the Literary Past: In Search of Armenian Pre-Christian Manuscripts.” He is also an author of three best-selling books in ancient history and languages including “Enigma of the Armenian Alphabet,” “Language as a Fingerprint” and “Armenian Origins of Basque.” His fourth publication was “The Tipping Point: Healthcare Woes, Covid-19, and Future of Native Health,” coauthored with Juan Cano Sanchez, Chairman of the American Indian Agriculture Bureau, a ground-breaking and the only inside critical and unbiased view of the current and future economic and societal genocide of the Native Americans and possible economic development and healthcare solutions in the post-pandemic era. His upcoming books in development with titles, “The Native Health Crisis” and “Paradox of the Armenian Alphabet” will expand on his previous publications.

Due to his outstanding work, Dr. Setyan received an honorary membership through Psi Chi, as well as an Elite American Executive Award from the National Council of American Executives in 2014, and a Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award from the International Forum on Healthcare in 2019 and 2020. He is also a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Dr. Setyan is an avid public speaker, lecturer and an author, with television appearances, radio shows, published academic and research-oriented work on varied topics including ancient languages and world history, hemp, Native American affairs, financial incentives, and teamwork efficacy.

He currently holds the first native treaty government position Treaty Council Agent of the Original Oceti Sakowin Treaty Government Organization of the Sioux Nation of Indians, holding an international diplomatic immunity status with the aim to establish International Political Diplomatic Peace Mission and International Economic Relations. With his current status, he is managing the development and implementation of the first tribal sovereign pharmacy, interstate and international sovereign transportation, and mobile healthcare platforms across Native Country, working with Federal, State, Tribal and private enterprise constituents across the nation.

Looking toward the future, he aims to become involved in politics, so that he can instill greater and broader positive change across the Native Country and to underserved communities.

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