S. Lee Winnan

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Title: Chief Executive Officer, President, Owner
Company: Feed My Sheep Publishing
Location: Bilings, Montana, United States

S. Lee Winnan, Chief Executive Officer, President, and Owner at Feed My Sheep Publishing, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in writing.

When Ms. Winnan’s first two children were very young, God stood in front of her in a light form as she did some light housework and spoke to her with these words: “I want your life now.”  Her answer was a simple, “Ok.”  In every part of her life, He has led her by His Spirit so that she only follows His directives. Her formal writing began in late December of 2008, when she was directed to begin writing with the goal of publishing.  Writing professionally took a good bit of time to master. Her subject would always be Holy Spirit. She writes to all believers in the ways of living by Faith, and walking out their Faith by listening and heeding the counsel and directives of Holy Spirit. She ministers beyond writing books.  She enjoys a correspondence ministry with individuals which teaches them privately and personally how to overcome the debilitating hardships that have nearly ruined them, by undoing wrong-thinking about their own selves, and reteaching them of their true and authentic selves in God’s eyes, and to restore them in their Faith, which has often suffered.

She is presently preparing a Talk Sequence focusing on The Heart of God.  In it, she illustrates and explains the Essential Purpose of Holy Spirit in the ever-expanding development of personal Faith in the soul/spirit of the believer. Her writings are of a three-volume series of Fellowshipping With Holy Spirit.  Currently available is the complete volume of ‘Fellowshipping With Holy Spirit ~ Up Close and Personal’; the second one ~ ‘Fellowshipping With Holy Spirit ~ Your Personal Life Coach” to be available in 2021; and the third volume, ‘Fellowshipping With Holy Spirit ~ Dismantling Strongholds,’ to be available in 2022. Ms. Winnan enjoys a growing following of her writing style of clarity, and desires to become an author in demand.

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