Martin Carlson

Martin Carlson

Title: Blogger
Location: Henderson, Nevada, United States

Martin Carlson, Blogger at, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in investigative writing.

As a child, Mr. Carlson was highly active in sports such as football and baseball among others. He also played two years of professional baseball at the minor league level. This developed and ingrained in his character three important characteristics: discipline, teamwork, and goal setting. These are the characteristics that guided and sustained him throughout his law enforcement career for over 20 years. Mr. Carlson wanted to become a law enforcement officer since he was a young kid. In addition, Mr. Carlson’s uncle was with the sheriff’s department and that influenced him to go into law enforcement.

Mr. Carlson’s drive for justice and doing the right thing for the right reasons led him to follow a high-profile case, Frank Carson et al., from preliminary hearing, all motions hearings, jury selection, and finally the trial itself, which resulted in an acquittal for all. This totaled a three-year commitment. On a daily basis, Mr. Carlson reported on-court events by way of written documentation and podcasts on his website. Due to his considerable expertise, he currently serves as a blogger and sole proprietor of, which he established in 2014. An expert in his field Mr. Carlson was previously aligned with the American Society of professional journalists and authors, among others. For his outstanding work, Mr. Carlson has been honored many times, receiving four letters of commendation during his time in law enforcement. As a law enforcer, he is most proud of a case concerning a group of four people going around robbing stores. He was driving around at the time, and they pulled in front of him. So, he was able to take the four armed men in. Situations like that where you are prepared when the opportunity comes along, and you just get lucky. Looking toward the future, Mr. Carlson aims to continue enjoying his well-deserved retirement from law enforcement, maintaining his website, and being involved in community activities on that site, all the while working on his house.

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