Dr. Jay C. Fikes

Title: Social Sciences Educator
Location: Reno, Nevada, United States

Dr. Jay C. Fikes, Social Sciences Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in anthropology.

Dr. Fikes became involved in social sciences as a result of his discontent with American society in the 1960s. Searching for alternative ways to live through research, he attended the University of California Irvine. In 1973, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in comparative culture. One year later, he acquired a Master’s of Education in bilingual education from the University of San Diego. By 1977, Dr. Fikes earned a Master’s in anthropology from the University of Michigan. He proceeded to remain at the university for a number of years, earning a PhD in anthropology in 1985. From 1999 until 2016, Dr. Fikes excelled as a professor of social anthropology at Yeditepe University. Today, he serves as the president and real estate investor for Soils Organic Solution Inc.

Throughout his career, Dr. Fikes has written multiple books, establishing himself as a renowned author. His first book, “Huichol Indian Identity and the Adaptation,” was released in 1985. In the years that followed, he added to his collection of works extensively. Some of his most notable titles include, “Step Inside the Scared Circle,” “Reuben Snake, Your Humble Serpent,” and “The Man Who Ate Honey.” Likewise, Dr. Fikes has contributed numerous articles to various distinguished professional journals, and he is a respected lecturer in his field.

As a testament to his professional success, Dr. Fikes was honored by the Native American Church of North America in 1994. Earlier, in 1981 and 1982, he was named as an Academic Scholar by the department of anthropology at the University of Michigan. Reflecting on his success, Dr. Fikes credits an abundance of hard work and dedication to his profession. He considers the highlight of his career to be his work with the Native American Church. Looking toward the future, he hopes to delegate many of his business responsibilities, which will grant him the time to write about important symbols. In light of his accomplishments, he is featured in multiple editions of Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Education, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America.

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