Ruth A. Rooney

Title: Retired Elected County Auditor
Location: Woodstock, Illinois, United States

Ruth A. Rooney, Retired Elected County Auditor at the McHenry County Government Center, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in accounting.

Ms. Rooney became involved in her profession after working at an office near her home during her high school years. She was lucky enough that someone took her under their wing and started teaching her accounting, which she ended up loving. Subsequently, she earned an Associate of Arts in accounting from McHenry County Junior College in 1972. With her newfound skills and leadership abilities, Ms. Rooney went on to serve in a plethora of accounting and political driven roles in her local community.

Ms. Rooney commenced her career with McHenry County Junior College in 1971, excelling as an auditor with the accounting department, as well as an accounting office manager until 1988. In 1976, she also took on the role of a township clerk, remaining in that position until 1992. From 1988 until her retirement in 2006, Ms. Rooney was an elected county auditor for the McHenry Government Center. Also during that time, she worked on genealogical research at Murray Farm from 1992 until her retirement.  As a testament to her success, Ms. Rooney was inducted as a member of the Illinois Auditors Association.

Ms. Rooney attributes her career success to being involved in so many political campaigns. She studied the process it took to be elected and noticed some politicians were not in God’s graces, but still were elected anyway. In this regard, Ms. Rooney draws upon the influence of her mother, who she describes as a fighter. During World War II, her mother worked in the war plant and fought for women, going on to work for unions. Her mother would go into specific factories where women were being mistreated and would successfully get a union investigation underway.

These stories of her mother’s grit left Ms. Rooney to also want to fight for justice. She made it her mission in her work to always stand up for what was right and denounce the wrong. When her mother first arrived to the county around 1950, she would attend county board meetings and find that the board was totally made up of male members. She would bring a friend with her and they sat in the audience, as they knew it was their right to attend a public meeting. The men would eventually allow them to stay. Inspired by her mother’s actions, Ms. Rooney has never shied away from doing what is right to help others.

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