Carl Nelson

Title: Retired Fleet Manager
Company: AM-Liner East, Inc.
Location: Summit Point, West Virginia, United States

Carl Nelson, Retired Fleet Manager at AM-Liner East, Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in fleet management.

Backed by a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Suffield University, Mr. Nelson considers his career trajectory in fleet management to have been a natural progression. He commenced his career as an employee at AT&T in 1965 as a cable splicer, followed by becoming a communications technician, and instructor.  In 1992, he became involved in fleet service and was named Corporate Fleet Manager in 1995. Mr. Nelson served as a DOT instructor with SafetyCenter Training Services and one year as a contract supervisor for General Motors. Most recently, he excelled as a fleet manager for AM-Liner East, Inc. from 2006 until his retirement in 2015. In his 53-year career, Mr. Nelson feels honored to have worked in a profession where all employees are treated and valued equally and to have had various mentors who helped him improve in his abilities. Looking back, he is particularly fond of being granted a patent for a trailer light testing device in 2008.

Finding great success in his career, Mr. Nelson was the recipient of the Larry Goill Quality Fleet Management Idea Award in 2000, 2002 and 2012, making history according to NAFA. In addition to being recognized on these three occasions, he is also a two-time nominee of the Fleet Manager of the Year Award and was a 2013 nominee at the Fleet Hall of Fame Induction. Additional achievements include being asked to write and present a course to his peers at NAFA’s 2002 Fleet Management Institute in Toronto, and later presenting it to regional fleet meetings. This course was later published in Automotive Fleet magazine. NAFA also featured a portion of a video interview with him for several years on the recruiting page of their website. Furthermore, he authored the very first guest column in Propane Vehicle Magazine in 1998. Mr. Nelson attributes his success to being receptive to other people and also acknowledges that he could not have achieved his numerous accomplishments without the help of his wonderful colleagues. To remain abreast of his industry, he maintains affiliation with the National Association of Fleet Administrators. In his spare time, Mr. Nelson has enjoyed volunteering with Valley Health, as well as raising beef cattle, making hay and maintaining his equipment.

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