Art Lieberman

Title: President, Owner
Company: MCPS of Central PA
Location: New Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States

Art Lieberman, President and Owner at MCPS of Central PA, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in campground advocacy.

In 2000, Mr. Lieberman moved to New Berlin, Pennsylvania and spearheaded MCPS of Central PA, a provider of credit card services to merchants specializing in RV parks and campgrounds. Excelling in his entrepreneurial endeavor, he is also the president of Tornado Marketing, which represents 10 industry suppliers to the campground industry. Mr. Lieberman cites that campgrounds are a seasonal activity that typically closes by the end of October and does not reopen until March. However, banks charge fees per month and his company has figured out a way to suspend the account for up to five months. This has acquired his business hundreds of campgrounds across the country, as no owner wants to pay during the offseason.

A renowned campground advocate, Mr. Lieberman was the recipient of a Certificate of Recognition from Campground Owners of New York in 2019. He has also received honorable recognition from the Mid-Atlantic Coastal States Campground Conference, Oregon Campground Association, Minnesota Campground Association and Northeastern Campground Association. To remain abreast of his industry, he has maintained membership with 17 national and state associations in the RV campground industry. In addition, he is involved with Stationary Attached and his local Chamber of Commerce. Upon his civic duties, Mr. Lieberman is involved with St. Jude’s Hospital, Snyder, union and North Umberland County Technical School.

Outside of his campground related endeavors, Mr. Lieberman was a producer of the Virtual Hospitality Expo of September 2020 and is available on-demand through the end of the year. Likewise, he ran the World Festival in 1999 and 2000, an international food and music event held for four days in Brooklyn. Earlier, in the 1980s, he was involved with Video Dealer Associates, which traced people who failed to return videotapes to video stores, and took part in the East Coast Video Show in Atlantic City for four years. To add to his career trajectory, Mr. Lieberman worked for Food Fone, a home delivery supermarket. A trainee of Prudential and Metropolitan Life, he has offered his expertise as an educator of motivational classes.

Mr. Lieberman is backed by studies in business and commerce from the University of Maryland from 1963. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Paralegal Institute in New York. At the inception of his career, Mr. Lieberman was a piano entertainer by the pseudonym Arty Lee for nearly 50 years. Notably, he was the winner of an All-Army Entertainment Contest and performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Today, he can still recall and play about 16,000 songs. Mr. Lieberman attributes much of his career success to his mentors over the years, including Joe Hernandez, an editor and writer for a Brooklyn newspaper, and Glen Turner, who taught him to think outside of the box. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano, singing and traveling.

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