Regina I. Hill

Regina I. Hill

Title: District Five Commissioner
Company: City of Orlando
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Regina I. Hill, District 5 Commissioner for the City of Orlando, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in politics.

Since 2014, Ms. Hill has excelled as the commissioner for District Five of the city of Orlando, Florida, a position in which she advocates for increasing jobs, educational opportunities, affordable housing and community revitalization efforts. Likewise, she has been responsible for spearheading projects for the betterment of the Orlando Police Department, the BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center, the Turner School of Construction Management, the Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan and Exploria Stadium, among myriad other institutes within the city. A natural caregiver, organizer and critical thinker, Ms. Hill previously found success as a nurse operating within Maxium Home Health Care and Orlando Regional Medical Center for more than 20 years.

Beyond her primary professional responsibilities, Ms. Hill has been active as the owner of the Need a Hand Cleaning Service and RR Jewel Constructors, an officer in the U.S. Navy, the co-chairperson of the Caribbean Health Summit and a board member for the Salvation Army. An honorary board member for the National League of Cities, she has also contributed to the advisory board for the Courtney Project, the Orange County Public Safety Council and the youth crime prevention board for The Urban League. Ms. Hill was additionally affiliated with the Butterfly Transformation Outreach Partnership, the Parramore Kidz Zone Baby Institute, the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association and ONYX Magazine, to name a few.

For her steadfast and unrivaled dedication to enriching her community, Ms. Hill was celebrated as the Citizen of the Year by President Barack Obama in 2016. She was also recognized among the 50 Most Powerful Women by Orlando City Magazine, as the Citizen of the Year by Omega Psi Phi and a Global Peace Network honoree by the Orlando Light Brigade. Greatly inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to take action to advance underserved communities within Orlando, Ms. Hill has been proud to host myriad events within her region, including community family events, clothing and school supply donation events and food drives.

A natural leader in her field, Ms. Hill has attributed her success to building relationships throughout her career, taking responsibility for her actions and her proactive attitude towards her work. She was drawn to her career path after noticing local youths were unable to afford activities outside of their neighborhood, which was being neglected by local legislators. Deciding to take reforming her local area into her own hands, she decided to run for the post of the District Five commissioner and defeated the incumbent of more than 15 years. Looking toward the future, Ms. Hill hopes to complete additional service projects in her community and continue bolstering her city for as long as possible.

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