Eileen A. Keller

Eileen A. Keller

Title: Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Ideality.com Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Eileen A. Keller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Ideality.com Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in advertising.

Originally pursuing studies in reality theory, Ms. Keller went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in communications from the University of Texas at Austin in 1976. Today, she is distinguished as a social physicist and media investment strategist, which has guided her to excel as the founder and chief executive officer of Ideality.com Inc. An advertising, public relations and marketing firm, Ideality.com Inc. has brought solutions to more than 2,500 businesses, bringing their concepts, brands and events to the forefront of their key audiences in every form of media. For 23 years, since 1997, Ms. Keller has been the visionary force in presidential campaigns, global advertising campaigns, internet strategies and creating reality platforms, among other responsibilities.

In addition to her company, Ms. Keller has taught classes at Southwest Texas State University and has instructed many advertising professionals around the country with the Media Buying Academy. To accompany these feats, she authored a college textbook on advertising in the 1980s entitled, “Blitz: You Are What You Pretend To Be,” a hands-on book to help students become proficient in media buying. A past president of the Austin Advertising Federation, Ms. Keller was named the American Advertising Federation’s District’s Member of the Year for the 1995-1996 year. More recently, she was the recipient of the Content Creator Award from U.K. Corporate Vision Magazine in 2019.

Reflecting on her illustrious career, Ms. Keller recalls her career highlight has been being able to help people form exceptional brand development to guide them in reaching their professional goals. With 40 years of experience to her credit, she believes her work in advertising has been done with a positive sense of integrity, purpose and grace, which has been incredibly fulfilling. In five years’ time, Ms. Keller plans to continue serving on the advisory council for the Local Business Institute, in which she commenced participation in 2020. Additionally, she hopes to spearhead a global activity that can give back to rural communities benefit. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising and spending her summers on Block Island.

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