Robert E. Donald, Jr.

Robert Donald

Title: Senior Technical Trainer
Company: Northern Indiana Public Service Company
Location: Stevensville, Michigan, United States

Robert E. Donald Jr., Senior Technical Trainer at Northern Indiana Public Service Company, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in welding.

Growing up, Mr. Donald had a family friend who was a pipe welder. He took a special interest in the field, as he was completely fascinated by the work and required skills. Luckily, Mr. Donald’s family friend took him under his wing and introduced him to the industry. At the age of 14, he struck his first arc and began taking vocational classes in high school. After graduating, Mr. Donald completed some college coursework before becoming a certified weld inspector by the American Welding Society. He was later certified as a visual inspector by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).

Throughout the early years of Mr. Donald’s career, he honed his skills as a welder for the gas industry and various oil fields throughout the state of Texas. In 2000, he became a pipefitter at a UA Local, remaining there until 2013. That year, he relocated to the Northern Indiana Public Service Company. Mr. Donald continues to excel with this company today as a senior technical gas-welding trainer for their welding training center. Outside of his primary ventures, he volunteered for four years at a union welding school.

The highlight of Mr. Donald’s career was becoming a certified weld inspector, which is rare due to the 80-percent failure rate among hopeful inspectors. Looking toward the future, he is excited to continue working in his field. He has made himself available to his coworkers 24 hours a day in case they need his help, which has resulted in a strong foundation of respect among all the welders with whom he works. When Mr. Donald is not working, he enjoys fishing and gardening. Likewise, he cherishes the time he can spend with his wife, Mary.

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