Brian N. Willis

Brian N. Willis

Title: Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman
Company: Brockstar Limited
Location: Newport Beach, California, United States

Brian N. Willis, Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Brockstar Limited, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in finance.

A renowned international financier and philanthropist, Mr. Willis was inspired by Leonard H. Vander-Bie, who had spearheaded the National Financial Company in 1990. With various private venture capital resources, he worked for Mr. Vander-Bie for two years before delving into film financing, serving as the president and chief executive officer of BNW Financial Services Inc. between 1990 and 1996. The venture expanded into Starider Entertainment, which funded numerous major motion pictures. A business leader at heart, Mr. Willis desired to take on a larger task.

In 1996, Mr. Willis purchased an Irish company called Brockstar Limited, leading him to open numerous affiliate companies worldwide thereafter, including Brockstar Financial Services Inc., Billionaires Elite VIP and Brockstar Holding International Pte. Ltd. With offices located in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States, Brockstar underwrites and provides funding for large commercial projects and privately funded investments including private portfolio management. They have worked with the MIGA and the IFC of the World Bank Group, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a USA Governmental Agency and numerous major world banks, insurance companies and investment firms.

Finding great success throughout his career trajectory, Mr. Willis was named Minister of Culture by the Templar Nation in Monaco in 2019. He was also named to the Top 100 Registry of Business Leaders and International Royal Academy of the United Nations in 2015. Active with the Republican Congressional Committee, he is an honorary co-chairman to the Republican Business Advisory Board for the state of California, having received a number of awards as the Republican Presidential Honor Role under President Donald J. Trump. Likewise, Mr. Willis has accepted a Congressional Medal of Distinction, Congressional Order of Merit and Certificate of Recognition from the International Commission.

Backed by studies in business management from Orange Coast Community College from the 1970s, Mr. Willis also received six years of private training referencing international finance at Swiss Mideastern Guarantee and Trust Corporation. Notably, he was honored a Doctor of Philosophy from the International Royal Academy of the United Nations in 2015. Mr. Willis attributes his career success to God, as He kept him alive during multiple stressful incidents. Presently, he maintains affiliation with the Order of the Royal Honor, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta and Navy League. Additionally, Mr. Willis is licensed to sell insurance in California and Arizona.

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