Akihiro Mochizuki, PhD

Akihiro Mochizuki

Title: Principal
Company: i-CORE Technology LLC
Location: Louisville, Colorado, United States

Akihiro Mochizuki, PhD, Principal at i-CORE Technology LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of technological research.

With unparalleled expertise in molecular science, Dr. Mochizuki lends more than three decades of industry experience to his role as the principal of i-CORE Technology LLC, a technology firm that specializes in the research and manufacture of liquid crystals. Among his daily responsibilities, he provides technical consultation for various small businesses, invents technical devices for experimental work and takes on contract research for such government entities as the United States Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy. With more than 60 patents in the United States, Europe and Japan to his credit, he has invented a myriad of switching devices, molded article methods for manufacturing and plant growth promoters. Prior to his present role, Dr. Mochizuki distinguished himself in roles of high leadership at Nano Loa Inc., Displaytech Inc. and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Dr. Mochizuki initially became involved in the field as a college student, during which time he worked extensively in superconductor materials and discovered molecular crystals, which sparked his interest. Through his research, he was amazed to find that these tiny molecular structures could control such ephemeral phenomena as electricity and optics. He earned a Bachelor of Science in solid state physics from the University of Tokyo in 1980, and a Doctor of Philosophy in liquid crystal physics from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 1991. As a commitment to his field, Dr. Mochizuki has been active with several industry-related organizations, including the American Chemical Society, the Society for Information Display, the Optical Society and the International Liquid Crystal Society.

In a career suffused with highlights, Dr. Mochizuki is most proud to have worked as a senior researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., where he focused on special device manufacturing. In accounting for his standout success, he credits his diversity of interests, having kept one leg in the industry and the other in technology. In this fashion, Dr. Mochizuki has been able to leverage both his technological acumen and industrial knowledge to create the right product for the right time. Looking toward the future, he aspires to continue moving forward in both research and development, and create devices that assist in the daily lives of people all over the globe.

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