Todd A. Blodgett

Title: Independent Marketing Consultant & Author
Location: Tyler, TX

Todd A. Blodgett, independent marketing consultant and author, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in marketing and political consulting.
Mr. Blodgett is a writer, speaker, and marketing consultant building on his decades of experience as the owner of a Washington-based marketing firm and working in Republican politics at the local and national levels. A lifelong conservative and a childhood friend of President Ronald Reagan and his younger brother, Neil, Mr. Blodgett became a member of the Reagan-Bush White House staff in 1985 after graduating from Drake University, and looks back on his appointment as the greatest accomplishment of his career. He spent 1988 working on the Bush Presidential campaign before joining the Republican National Committee under RNC Chair Lee Atwater, where he developed a reputation as a canny opposition researcher and campaign strategist.
In 1992, Mr. Blodgett left the Republican National Committee to establish TAB Advertising, a Washington advertising and marketing firm that thrived until 2000, when he returned to government work as an informant for the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Mr. Blodgett is perhaps best-known for his work during this period: as a federal informant, he infiltrated and reported on some of the most notorious far-right and white-supremacist groups in the United States and Europe. Assignments included monitoring American racist and neo-Nazi groups, leaders, and media producers, including the world’s largest neo-Nazi record label and music distributor. He concluded his work for the FBI in late 2002 to return to the advertising industry as an independent consultant.
Mr. Blodgett remains in business as a marketing consultant specializing in purchasing, developing, and licensing targeted lists of direct-to-consumer contact information for political causes as well as product and service providers. In his personal time, Mr. Blodgett is active in the National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, the Kennedy-Warren Residence Association, and the Reagan Appointees Alumni Association, and has served as a trustee of the Stebens Charitable Foundation since 2019. Mr. Blodgett is the author of a memoir of his time working for the FBI, “Republican Crackhead: An addict’s life in the FBI and DC’s Hoods, while infiltrating HATERS,” 2020.

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