Warren Alexander O’Meara-Dates

Warren Alexander O'Meara-Dates

Title: Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Company: The 6:52 Project Foundation, Inc.
Location: Gadsden, Alabama, United States

Warren Alexander O’Meara-Dates, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The 6:52 Project Foundation, Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in LGBTQIA+ advocacy and HIV/AIDS awareness.

The recipient of a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication from Miles College in 1999, Mr. O’Meara-Dates sought to delve into ministry services and, by 2004, received his license to preach the Gospel from the Missionary Baptist Church. Although enthralled with and driven by his spiritual faith, he left the ministry in search of his own personal spiritual resolution. During this time, he served JBC Institute as a project manager and Verizon Wireless as an inside sales representative between 2006 and 2010. However, during his vocational activities, Mr. O’Meara-Dates struggled with abdominal pains and a high fever in November of 2009. Upon being admitted to the hospital for a closer evaluation, he was diagnosed as HIV+ and with AIDS.

Determined to seek purpose in his life, Mr. O’Meara-Dates resolved to make the best of his conditions and, although only given an estimated eight days to live, he has continued his life’s purpose to the present day. Equipped with God’s vision for his continued health and strength, Mr. O’Meara-Dates established The 6:52 Project Foundation, Inc., in 2010, a nonprofit organization that devotes resources to helping individuals and organizations share awareness and research of HIV/AIDS, particularly among the LGBTQIA+ communities. Initially a tristate county idea, the 6:52 Project has expanded throughout the State of Alabama, across the United States and globally. Through the 6:52 Project, Mr. O’Meara-Dates also established The 6:52 Project Speaks, a speaking bureau that recruits speakers from across the globe with varying backgrounds to bring awareness of HIV/AIDS to press events, legislative offices, webinars, summits, youth groups, churches, colleges and health organizations. Likewise, the 6:52 Project Speaks also offers expertise in LGBTQIA+ inclusivity and fluidity, media and marketing, nonprofit management, and women’s issues. Through his innovative projects, Mr. O’Meara-Dates aims to end the worldwide epidemic of HIV/AIDS while sharing the word of God. He has been profiled in several magazine articles and was featured on television channels.

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