David L. Maxwell

Dave Maxwell

Title: Owner, Inventor
Company: Revitae Technologies
Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, United States

David L. Maxwell, Owner and Inventor at Revitae Technologies, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in technology.

After a career as an Intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Maxwell is in his second career as an Advanced Technology Inventor. His website is about Inventions that Will Change the World; he has 60 advanced technologies that are very disruptive to the existing approaches in our world. His main areas of focus have been the development of new alloys based on the properties desired, using electrically powered fields to do things many would call science-fiction and a few mechanical and digital improvements like better ball bearings, an improvement to the butterfly valve, and a way to improve encryption by moving from 80 ASCII Keyboard variables to 25,000.
He has a Sodium-based alloy that is a replacement for nuclear reactor rods. When air touches it, the air gets very hot instantly; 230°F or hotter than steam. Putting this alloy in a water tank with an air pump aerator will make unlimited steam at a very low cost.

The world of computers uses binary coding. Mr. Maxwell has a Trinary computing approach that uses the X, Y, and Z values of Algebra. The Z value is a vector way to get to superpositioning and entanglement using X64 laptop computers. He has re-designed the electric motor and generator using nested coils (new alloy). He has a technology to get to 6, 7, and 8G using our existing 4G cell data infrastructure. He has a new alloy that has null or variable gravity properties.

Mr. Maxwell has an approach to generate electricity from heat and/or weight/pressure. He has published two newly added equations to Maxwell’s Famous Four Equations in his New Physics section: one each for gravity and magnetism.

Mr. Maxwell is a 21st Century Nikola Tesla-like inventor. Unlike Tesla, he started at a much more advanced technological base.

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