Rosalie Sunny Abbott

Title: Lifestyle Interventionist
Company: Abbott DBA Lifestyle
Location: Naples, Florida, United States

Rosalie Sunny Abbott, Lifestyle Interventionist at Abbott DBA Lifestyle, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in lifestyle counseling.

Ms. Abbott earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing and earned registered nurse credentials from  Boston University in 1968 and later followed with a master’s degree in healthcare administration in 1978. In addition, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in political sociology from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont in 1978.

Ms. Abbott has prospered in management and administrative roles for a home health agency, as a water safety instructor for an aquatic therapy program. She has provided superior care as a nurse for 50 years, as a personal trainer for 20 years and a lifestyle interventionist with her firm Abbott DBA Lifestyle.

Ms. Abbot’s interest in lifestyle intervention began 15 years ago. When she heard about the term, she did research on it and became fascinated. She went through great physical ordeals and survived them for the sake of her children, but the challenges made her even more passionate about health. A firm believer that food is medicine, she dedicated herself to leading others to a path of health and restoration. She has written four books and is in the process of organizing them. Having dedicated her diary to Louis Hay, who founded Hay House Publishing and authored several bestselling self-help books, she plans to publish her diary soon through the publisher.

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