Allen L. Sinai, PhD

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Title: Chief Global Economist/Strategist & President
Company: Decision Economics, Inc.
Location: Lexington, Massachusetts, United States

Allen Sinai, Chief Global Economist/Strategist & President at Decision Economics, Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in economics.

Dr. Sinai became involved in his profession through the window on the world of economic and financial markets, what makes the world tick.  He feels he has such a window as an analyst, observer, researcher, and economic model builder.  For him, the application of economics and its fundamental thrust and maximizing motivations opens the world to someone who is extremely curious and wants to know why things happen the way they do.  He came from a poor background in Detroit, his father an uneducated immigrant from Poland.  While his father may have lacked in form education, he made up for by an honest, hardworking, character, working seven days a week and making it possible for Dr. Sinai to go to the University of Michigan, which changed his world.  There, he was pre-med and majored in Economics, active on the Michigan Daily as a reporter and President of his fraternity, seduced by the rigor and relish of economics away from medicine.  Dr. Sinai first earned an AB in economics from the University of Michigan with Honors in 1961.  He continued at Northwestern University, receiving a Master of Arts in economics and Ph.D. in 1966 and 1969.  He taught and became a full Professor at the University of Illinois (Chicago) and went on to leave to work at Data Resources Inc. (DRI) in 1971, in Lexington, MA, ultimately to settle with his family in Lexington and the East Coast.  He has served as the Chief Global Economist/Strategist and President of his current company Decision Economics, Inc. (DE) since 1996.  In addition, he was Chief Global Economist and a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers from 1983 to 1996 and has garnered previous work experience with the WEFA Group, Global Insight, Inc., and various other financial service companies, such as The Shearson Lehman of American Express and The Boston Company.  Additionally, Dr. Sinai taught at numerous Universities the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Sloan School, New York University, Boston University, Brandeis, Lake Forest College, and Northwestern.

In 2004, Dr. Sinai was named a Top Forecaster by MarketWatch and has received numerous forecasting awards and honors such as the John Sweetland Award from the University of Michigan, the Otto Eckstein Prize, and the Alumnus Merit Award from Northwestern University.

Furthermore, he has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Week as the top forecaster and was named One of the Ten Smartest Men in Boston by Boston Magazine in 1993. His career has often been supported by professional affiliations, which include the American Economic Association, North America Economic Financial Association, and the Econometric Society, the Western Economic Association, the East Economics Association, International Banking and Economic Association, Aspen Italia and the Board of Economists for Peach and Security (EPS).  He served on the Board of Boston Private Financial Holding (BPFH) for 22 years (1992 to 2014).

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