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Anna Yeung Mayo

Title: Information Technology Specialist, Consultant
Company: California Department of Consumer Affairs
Location: Sacramento, California, United States

Anna Yeung Mayo, Information Technology Specialist and Consultant at the California Department of Consumer Affairs, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in information technology.

Determined to succeed in a male-dominated industry, Ms. Mayo earned a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University before attaining a Master’s degree in Asian Art from the University of the Pacific. While she always knew she would pursue an illustrious career, she never considered taking on the programming industry until a canvasser came to her front door to inform her about a local course. She was interested and subsequently enrolled, proceeding to complete her studies a few months later. Since 2003, Ms. Mayo has excelled as an information technology specialist and consultant at the California Department of Consumer Affairs. In addition, she has contributed employee health benefits by suggesting designated restricted smoking areas and initiated energy savings from automated lightings in the buildings as she first started her career with the Department. Prior to her California Department career, she has been a professional Software Specialist for the Department of Defense for 20 years until the Department transferred function to out of State. While she was working for the DOD, she has received two major Suggestion Awards for her contributions which were able to generate over $26,000 for the workforces.

During her tenure with the  California Department, she has been elected as one of the District Labor Council 781 SEIU Local 1000 Union’s 10 delegates to be elected to their International and General Council for six consecutive years. Dedicated to workers’ rights, she has worked tirelessly in several roles for her DLC 781 including President, Vice President/Chief Steward, Secretary, Treasurer, District Bargaining Unit Representative, Women’s Committee Member, Asian Pacific Islander Committee Board Member also served as the Web Master and member of the IT Reclassification Bargaining Team. She has also ran for the Statewide Vice President of Representation and Organization.

Outside of her primary roles, Ms. Mayo worked over 10 years as a professional tutor in math, language arts and Microsoft applications for grades K-12 in her local school district. She has additionally worked as a volunteer videographer, Homeless program where she personally able to convert homeless victims back to normal life at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and fundraiser for her local church alongside her time as the Chief Executive Officer for Finest Asian Performing Arts, Inc.  She also served her role as the Producer for the Finest Asian Music Festival Series for over a decade where she coordinated the very first East/West concert performance with the local Sacramento Symphony promoting the Local and International high-ranking artists. Each Music Festival averaged over 5000 participant attendees.  She is also the past awards and grants recipient from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and the Sacramento Arts Council where she was a Board Member for more than a decade.

Moreover, Ms. Mayo served as a Medic with the United States Air Force for 20 years.  Prior to her commitment with the Air Force, she has volunteered herself for over 5 years with the University of California Medical Centers and other organizations in which she was recognized and presented with a distinct plaque from the Volunteer Bureau. She completed her assignment for the U. S. Air Force’s Operation Desert Shield.  During her time in this role with her experience working at her university library, she established the first United States Medical Library at the Mather Air Force Base, which she considers as one of her greatest accomplishments where she received a special plaque for her recognition from the Unit.

Looking into her future, Ms. Mayo hopes to continue working with her church in various capacities. Likewise, she wants to take on more responsibility in the arts and perhaps curate a special show performance. The most rewarding aspect of her career has been serving and helping others. Ms. Mayo’s greatest joy is making other people happy, seeing world in peace, and she is very thankful to have never given up on her career, as her persistence has certainly paid off. When Ms. Mayo is not working, she spends her time practicing her various unique Asian musical instruments, arts and caring for the small animal friends (cats and dogs).  It is still mysterious how she be able to create 48 hours of work within 24 daily hours!

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