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Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara

Title: Director of Shambala
Company: Shambhala Monastery
Location: Kelseyville, California, United States

Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara, Director of Shambala at Shambhala Monastery, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in religious leadership.

Since 1995, Mr. Kumara has excelled in his role as director of Shambala at the Shambhala Monastery in Kelseyville, California. In his eclectic profession, he is able to contribute to historical reincarnations, science, engineering, medicine and meditation, among other realms of spiritual relations. Along with supporting Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha Gautama, Mr. Kumara also sponsors three churches on a weekly basis, supports an elderly home and feeds the poor through his centers in Nepal and the United Kingdom, as well as in Omaha, Nebraska in the United States.

Notably, Mr. Kumara and his work have been featured in numerous articles and publications since 1995. A veteran of the Vietnam War and student of coursework in various universities, he most enjoys getting to contribute to building restored monasteries. Reflecting on his career trajectory, Mr. Kumara is particularly proud of becoming enthroned in 2000, in which he was then able to facilitate billions of people and serve as a major leader and teacher throughout society. He attributes his success to having faith in what comes to him, the opportunities that God has given him and helping fulfill tasks to be completed.

Mr. Kumara became involved in his profession upon being called by the Tibetans that he had to go back to Nepal for Tibetan Buddhism. He began his process of traveling to Nepal and went on to establish many free clinics in the country based on natural healing. Collaborating with natural practitioners and doctors from Nepal, they established a group relationship and were able to feed the elderly, orphans, schools and poor families. In five years’ time, Mr. Kumara aims to fulfill all the steps he must sent by God. All the things he sees will be his externalization and he hopes to help Congress and other nations make sound decisions. He plans to continue living by the motto, “Do no harm.”

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The following statement has been issued by The National Buddha Federation, The Singapore-Nepal Buddha Maitreya Society, and The Maitreya Buddha Welfare Service Centre of Nepal on behalf of Mr. Kumara:

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