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R. Michael Perry, PhD

R. Michael Perry

Title: Care Services Manager
Company: Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

R. Michael Perry, PhD, Care Services Manager at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in cryonics and transhumanism.

Since 1987, Dr. Perry has excelled as the care services manager for the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Among his daily duties, he is responsible for the management of the Foundation’s storage operations which includes the maintenance of cryonics containers and stored tissues. Interested in the idea of cryonics (acknowledged as the freezing and storage of a human body with the intent of eventual resurrection using scientific methodologies) from an early age, his intrigue with the concept was driven by the plot of a science fiction novel, which thereafter affected his professional ventures. Dr. Perry emphasizes that he never liked the idea of dying and desired to scientifically address the process in which a human body perishes.

Dr. Perry holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago, and a master’s degree and a doctorate, both in computer science from the University of Colorado. Driven by his own personal pursuit to advocate for the extension of life-based upon cryonics, he theorizes that the concept may be a scientifically-sound means by which to preserve human tissue despite speculation from the scientific community. Dr. Perry addresses that as technology advances with time, the idea of cryonics may soon become reality. His philosophies and theories are documented in his book, “Forever for All: Moral Philosophy, Cryonics and the Scientific Prospects for Immortality,” and he maintains membership with the Society for Universal Immortalism and the Society for Venturism.

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