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Orel Ronald Moore

Orel Moore

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Super Grip Lock LLC
Location: Sweet Home, Oregon, United States

Orel Ronald Moore, chief executive officer at Super Grip Lock LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in-home safety.

Mr. Moore was brought to his career in home safety following an accident at his job in a sawmill in 1976 that left him unable to work strenuous jobs. Taking a job buying and selling trailer homes, he realized the great need people have for securing these mobile home, which led him to develop a security package to install deadbolts. Further frustration with existing locks and deadbolts began the process of his developing, alongside his wife, Melinda Arlene Moore, who he considers to be his greatest asset, a series of deadbolt accessories, and from 1987 to 1998 he owned and operated General Home Security Co. In 1998, his work came to a head with the founding of Super Grip Lock, LLC, where he began selling his patented “super grip lock,” a deadbolt attachment that prevents the lock from turning if the lock is picked. In the early years of the business, Mr. Moore and his wife traveled from state to state to sell their product.

Today, Super Grip Lock is a one-man business, with Mr. Moore handling everything from the day-to-day business needs, coordinating with his manufacturing supplier, and marketing the product. Furthermore, he is a staunch advocate for safe and secure homes and strives to educate others on both the importance of secure home locks and additional security features to combat picking, since acquiring lock picks and other tools have become much easier in recent years. He has donated hundreds of his super grip locks to local law enforcement and even received an endorsement from a local police officer, which is now up on their website. The super grip lock deadbolt accessory has also been featured and reviewed in the National Locksmith magazine and the Police Chief magazine.

Wanting to ensure that everyone can afford security, Mr. Moore’s super grip lock deadbolt accessory retails for just $10, considerably cheaper than many other home security devices. His current goal is to bring the prevalence of lock picks, pick guns and bump keys being sold online to the public’s attention so that they can understand the risks present and takes steps to protect themselves and secure their homes. Recently, he was invited for an interview with Close-Up Television & Radio by the company’s president, Louis Ceparano. This interview will reach the Close-Up’s 2.5 million listeners and Mr. Moore hopes to eventually receive national attention on the issue.

Attributing much of his success to the inspiration he has found from the lives of Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, Mr. Moore has lived his life by the words of Benjamin Franklin, “The way to success is to find a need and fill it.” Having accomplished much over the course of his career, he was first recognized in the home security field when he received a First Place Security Award for his work with General Home Security Co. from the Invention Convention in 1996. More recently, the super grip lock deadbolt accessory was named to 10 Most Marketable Products of the Year by the Electronic Retailing Association, and Mr. Moore notes that the invention and patenting of the super grip lock was the absolute highlight of his career.

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