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Terence M. Quinn

Title: President
Company: Quinn’s Goldsmith Inc.
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia, United States

Terence Quinn, Founder at Quinn’s Goldsmith, Inc., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in creating and marketing fine jewelry.

Mr. Quinn’s interest in creating beautiful jewelry pieces goes back to his childhood. As a boy, being the youngest of 9, he wanted a new bike. His father said good, get a job. There wasn’t much for a fourth grader to do, so he took on a paper route. On his route, there was a goldsmith who he came to know. Curious about what a “goldsmith” is Terry asked many questions. Over time the goldsmith took him into his workshop. He showed him the process of melting gold among other things. He also explained the difference between a goldsmith and a jeweler. A jeweler is a merchant who buys and sells other people’s items, a goldsmith actually designs and creates jewelry. This was Quinn’s inspiration to what has lead him to where he is today.

Once he completed high school, Mr. Quinn went into the Air Force for a total of 6 years, 2 of which he earned the privilege of working for President Ronald Reagan as a Presidential Honor Guard. During this time, he took on a second job where he gained valuable knowledge as an apprentice at local jewelry store.

The discipline from his Air Force service and the knowledge he gained as an apprentice at the jewelry store, coupled with his passion for designing all led to his founding Quinn’s Goldsmith Inc. in 1989.
Quinn’s Goldsmith is a premier jewelry store in Woodbridge, Virginia. Mr. Quinn has 18 National design awards, has been recognized by Chamber of Commerce, and Quinn’s Goldsmith also has been voted Best Jeweler repeatedly in multiple venues for the state of Virginia, as recent as May 2023 in Virginia Living Magazine.

Quinn’s Goldsmith has thrived largely due to Mr. Quinn’s work ethic, which was instilled in him by his parents. They taught him we are here to serve the people and that you go into business to make a living, not a killing. This is a lesson Mr. Quinn has included in his standard of operations since opening. His belief that we are put on earth to serve transcends throughout his business.

Mr. Quinn travels around the world to hand-pick the finest gems possible for his clients, rare gemstones, custom designs – none of which you will find at chain stores.  In addition to their large selection of fine jewelry, Quinn’s has a full-service repair shop on the premises with a team of goldsmiths. Over the past 30 years of business, Quinn’s mailing list exceeds 31,000 patrons. He is also noted for creating a multi-million dollar business.

Mr. Quinn is currently developing several virtual classes on YouTube, some of which are focused on his trade of how we make things, to others that help small businesses grow. He enjoys mentoring and has a gift for speaking and teaching and hopes to help others who aspire to live their dream.

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