Mary “Dolly” Gwinn

Dolly Gwinn

Title: Business Developer, Organizational Theorist, International Speaker, Lecturer, Management Consultant, Writer, Artist, Author, Originator, Original Thinker
Gwinn Genius Institute; Strategic Integrations
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Mary “Dolly” Gwinn, Business Developer, Organizational Theorist, International Speaker, Lecturer, Management Consultant, Writer, Artist, Author, Originator, Original Thinker, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in Business, Science and Education.

Sometimes called the “Picasso of the mind” and known for the “thought process of genius,” Ms. Gwinn is a celebrated resource for companies and executives in building, growing, managing, marketing, and leading businesses to success.  She founded Strategic Integrations at Arizona’s Innovative Business Development Center in 1985, and later founded the Gwinn Genius Institute in 1998, currently serving as president of both companies. Ms. Gwinn specializes in creating custom, visionary business development programs, which include goal setting, strategic planning, materials and sales tools, as well as other integral business instruments to meet the challenges of the global marketplace in the 21st Century. In addition, she is a member of Germany’s MASION INTERNATIONALE DES  INTELLECTUELS (M. I. D. I.) and of the Academie  M. I. D. I., which was founded in Paris in 1907.

A recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, Ms. Gwinn has appeared in Who’s Who in Finance and Business, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Education, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who in the World. She studied with Monterey Peninsula College, and was featured in the Paradise Valley Business Review not long after founding Strategic Integrations. Even at an early stage, she was being invited to speak internationally, notably with the Commission on the History of Women in Science, Technology, and Medicine in Sopron, Hungary and in Austria at the Vienna Technical Museum. “There is a gem of genius in everyone,” Ms. Gwinn said for the Review in 1992, “I enjoy helping to create a client’s personal world to live in, consistent with inner vision and values.” The Commission invited her to lecture and write a 200 word abstract on her life’s work in 1992. Her abstract was included in the Commission’s book with abstracts of other prominent attendees whom attended this extremely, significant and global, international event.

Furthermore, Ms. Gwinn received recognition for her work from Dr. Kay, the Executive Director General of the International Biographical Centre. She was selected as a World Intellectual in 1993, along with an award and medallion from the IBC for “The Thought Process of Genius.” IBC has also honored her with an Illuminated Diploma of Honor for Oustanding Achievements in the fields of Business, Education and Science, as well as entered into the Roll of Chartered Recipients. The IBC recognized Ms. Gwinn as an International Women of the Year. In addition, Dr. Chen (Oun) Chen, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Chief Surgeon Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Shanghai, China, Chief Hospital, Surgical Fellow, Open Heart Surgical Unit, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, all saw significant relevance of Ms. Gwinn’s life’s work to the specific fields of endeavor and areas of interest. In fact, Dr. Chen  requested a copy of her seminar/lecture in Sydney, Australia, “Preparing for the 21st Century and Beyond!” She approached Ms. Gwinn after the seminar/lecture and told her how excited she was about Ms. Gwinn’s life’s work. Dr. Chen was inspired by her and stimulated greatly in her own mind and thinking! Dr. Chen expressed how greatly impacted her approach to heart surgery for adults, children, babies and infants in the future would be due to Dr. Chen’s words.

With warm testimonials from Harvard and Stanford graduates, as well as attorneys and professionals from financial and marketing firms, Ms. Gwinn’s spark of genius has grown into a successful institute. She had humble beginnings in Alaska, which gave her resourcefulness and invention. Ms. Gwinn was inspired by her father in thinking ahead, and received a positive impact from Dale Carnegie. She is also a prolific author and founder of New Fields of Study Geniustics and NeuroBusiness; Profiled the Thought Process of Genius; Conceived Whole Brain Business Theory. In addition to her business ventures, Ms. Gwinn is also the founder and president of the International Institute for Conceptual Education. She has applied her insights to astonishing results, growing companies up to three hundred and fifty percent increases in business and has brought her techniques to China and the Gulf countries. Some developed a national business, while others developed an international business. Plus, one became one of President George Bush’s Points of Light, and some even became millionaires, beyond their wildest dreams.

The uniqueness of Ms. Gwinn’s work, lies in the fact, that she has a practical understanding of the physical sciences of quantum physics and quantum mechanics. She applies these scientific principles in addition to utilization of Whole Brain Business Theory and the Thought Process of Genius to originate and create accelerated business growth programs and business management systems, and the more energetic and synergistic areas of business modeling and projections, “active” business models to work from and strategically integrated business operations. Ms. Gwinn attended an abbreviated Industrial Ecology Prototype Prosperity Games™ for the U.S.A. Government in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. on March 5-6, 1997, which had Organizing Committee and Sponsors Scandia National Laboratories, Los Almos National Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.  The actual game was played in Washington, D.C. on May 20-22, 1997.


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