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Nicolas Piacentino

Title: Senior Managing Partner and Founder
Company: Hi-End Consultancy LLC
Location: Riverside, Connecticut, United States

Nicolas Piacentino, senior managing partner and founder at Hi-End Consultancy LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in corporate development.

Having expertise in multiple areas – commodities, trading, business growth, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, procurement training, and risk management, as well as environmental, social, and corporate governance – Mr. Piacentino became a consultant in order to give clients a unique view that is more extensive than what is available in the marketplace, thus providing them with more complete service. He describes his most notable achievement as shifting his career from agricultural commodities to trading in the energy, oil, and gas markets. This move, according to Mr. Piacentino, has added to his profound knowledge in these areas, allowed him to better understand international implications, and connected him with every aspect of the market.

Born in Argentina and immigrating to the United States, Mr. Piacentino’s career began more than 30 years ago in Switzerland as an agricultural commodities trader at André et Cie S.A., a global trader of grain. Adding to his extensive experience, he advanced to become a senior trader at ConAgra Foods, a crude oil trader and business developer for Repsol YPF Trading & Transport SA, head trader and area manager at Glencore, and a current managing partner at Mistral Fin S.A. Mr. Piacentino, who sits on the boards of directors of multiple companies, earned a Master of Business Administration from Universidad Austral. He additionally holds postgraduate degrees in mergers and acquisitions from Columbia Business School and in renewable energy from Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires (UCA). Mr. Piacentino also completed coursework in governance and management at Harvard Business School and in finance at the International Institute for Management Development after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering, agriculture, agriculture operations, and related sciences from UCA.

Attributing his educational and career success to being resilient, persistent, and disciplined, Mr. Piacentino is also thankful to his most supportive mentor, Pierre Bessede, who was his supervisor in Switzerland. He recalls the manager teaching him important lessons about business, leadership, attitude, and various ways to respond or act in different markets. Another business mentor, Louis Pensivy, showed Mr. Piacentino how to build teams and trust by reinforcing that when people are treated well, they will follow good leaders almost anywhere.

In the coming years. Mr. Piacentino envisions attracting more top-level executives to work closely with as colleague consultants and as clients. He also plans to give back to his industry by coaching young professionals. Lessons he has learned throughout his career that he will impart to his proteges are that teamwork is crucial to achieving goals, having multicultural experiences enables smart professionals to see and apply solutions from broader points of view, never entrust your money to anyone, and be accountable for what you say and do, to name a few.

Work-life balance and doing what makes him happy is vital to Mr. Piacentino, citing that he is spending more time on the ocean and has started to create his own brand of sailing products. The married father of two sons and a daughter enjoys playing sports with his children, surfing, kitesurfing, wing foiling, skiing, football, tennis, skydiving, and golf.

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