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Ulrich Brugger

Title: Founder and Executive Director
Company: Ojai Retreat & Inn
Location: Ojai, California, United States

Ulrich Brugger, founder and executive director at Ojai Retreat & Inn, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners for dedication, achievements, and leadership in hospitality management.

Throughout his career, Mr. Brugger has been an emblem of persistence and vision, epitomizing his commitment to the serene sanctuary of Ojai Retreat & Inn. His journey commenced in 1993 when he founded the inn, marking the inception of a transformative endeavor that combined his passion for adult education, philosophy, and psychology. His deep-rooted fascination with the property’s spiritual heritage, once a sacred site for Chumash Indians, led him to acquire it and nurture his vision into reality.

Mr. Brugger attributes his enduring success to persistence, acknowledging the challenges, particularly financial hurdles, and the relentless dedication required to maintain the Ojai Retreat & Inn. The stunning locale, resonating with exceptional energy and natural beauty, became his driving force to ensure the space remained accessible for all to cherish and benefit from. Overcoming financial constraints and fundraising challenges, he has successfully shaped the inn into a revered destination, attracting guests seeking restoration and rejuvenation.

Mr. Brugger’s engagement with charitable events and organizations, coupled with his accolades, such as the Spirit of Ojai Award from the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce, echoes his profound impact on the community and the commendation he has received for his invaluable contributions. Looking ahead, he envisions expanding the inn’s offerings by hosting seminars on education, life and relationship skills, time management, and general management. 

Mr. Brugger aspires to share his wealth of experiences and best practices with others, furthering the inn’s role as a holistic learning and growth space. His guiding principle, “Live without any problems! If you have problems, resolve them right away,” encapsulates his approach to life. For aspiring individuals in the industry, Mr. Brugger emphasizes the significance of persistence and resolution, urging proactive problem-solving while cherishing a broader understanding of education within life’s context.

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