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Scott D. Burnett

Title: Owner
Company: Super Scoops Ice Cream
Location: Centerville, Ohio, United States

Scott D. Burnett, Owner at Super Scoops Ice Cream, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in aviation maintenance.

With over 40 years of experience to his credit, Mr. Burnett has excelled as owner of Super Scoops Ice Cream as well as Beverage Works Systems and Solutions, LLC. He began his career in the United States Army, from 1982 to 2004 and completed his service at the rank of master sergeant of aviation. He also worked as an instrument-rated private pilot. He was active as GS-11 to GS-13 in the Defense Contract Management Agency since 2004 where he was in charge of global aircraft operations for the Department of Defense. He is on the contract field teams program and oversees the contractors involved in tail-numbered airplanes worldwide.

Before embarking on his professional path, Mr. Burnett pursued an education at the University of Phoenix where he completed a Master of Business Administration. He holds a certification in ServSafe at Level 2. Beyond his responsibilities within the field, he has participated in numerous endeavors outside of his professional circles. He held the role of Mud Volleyball Committee Chair at the Epilepsy Foundation of Ohio. 

In addition to his primary vocation, Mr. Burnett remains affiliated with various organizations in relation to his areas of expertise. He is a member of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association, the National Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa, the National Collegiate Professional Volleyball Official, the Professional Association of Volleyball Officials, and the Knights of Columbus. He attributes his success to the customer service department at Super Scoops Ice Cream, where they offer a unique experience that customers will not find in any other ice cream shop. 

Mr. Burnett became involved in his industry through another business owned by his family that does commercial refrigeration, repairing walk-in freezers and chill plates. They had been working on this equipment in an ice cream shop for about three years before the owner approached them about purchasing it from them. Mr. Burnett told his brothers that they can make this an income from which they could retire, which was when they decided to invest.

In the next couple of years, Mr. Burnett would like to expand and grow into bordering states. He also intends to offer health care and retirement benefits to his employees and make it a national business that competes with other organizations. He seeks to launch five additional ice cream shops and purchase a twin-engine jet. He would also like to be able to eventually retire and have the shop exist as an enduring passive income.

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