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Mark Oliverio

Title: Chief Executive Officer and President
Company: Oliverio Italian Style Peppers
Location: Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States

Mark Oliverio, chief executive officer and president at Oliverio Italian Style Peppers, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in entrepreneurship.

Mr. Oliverio is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary leader in the food industry, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in sports management from West Virginia University in 1986. As the chief executive officer and president of Oliverio Italian Style Peppers since 1987, he has played a pivotal role in the company’s evolution and success. His journey with Oliverio Italian Style Peppers began in 1972 when his father established the business in their basement. Over the years, she has been instrumental in expanding the company’s product line and market reach. 

In the 1990s, Mr. Oliverio assumed the role of president, gradually steering the company toward greater heights. In 2003, he bought out his father and later acquired his two siblings’ shares, solidifying his position as the sole owner. With over 52 years of operation, Oliverio Italian Style Peppers remains a testament to the family’s legacy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Oliverio has garnered recognition for his outstanding contributions, including being named Business of the Year for both the county and the state. Driven by a passion for excellence, he attributes his success to strategic networking, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to quality. He believes in preserving the authenticity of their recipes and emphasizes the importance of using fresh ingredients, regardless of cost. In 2012, Mr. Oliverio’s proudest achievement was the construction of a new plant, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. He also takes pride in collaborating with a Canadian company to establish a successful venture, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen and global perspective.

Looking ahead, Mr. Oliverio envisions further expansion of his business, aiming to integrate the restaurant business with a bowling alley concept. He plans to franchise the brand while also venturing into consulting to assist other businesses with recipe development and concept realization. Ultimately, he hopes to pass on the business to his son, ensuring the family legacy endures for generations to come.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Oliverio is deeply committed to philanthropy, regularly assisting families in need and contributing to the community’s welfare. He also co-owns a restaurant with his family, preserving their culinary heritage through cherished family recipes. In sharing his story, he hopes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to uphold the values of hard work, integrity, and innovation. He believes that by staying true to one’s roots and embracing change, anything is achievable.

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